Fun at the Fair

August 5, 2019

This past weekend, my senior model squad and I had a little fun at the fair!  This was the last summer mini-shoot for the girls and we braved the heat to get some colorful, fun pics.  I don’t know about you, but I love going to the fair.  I love the farm animals and craziness of color that appears nearly everywhere you look.  And don’t get me started on the junk food – which I totally skipped on this trip!


As long as I can remember I have been going to the fair – with my parents then as an adult.  Whether it has been to see a concert (I remember Toby Keith and Wynonna at the fair!), or to celebrate the end of college (Del Mar Fair with my bestie Karen!) I have been checking out state fairs and county fairs – and they are just so fun.

But this time, I went with 10 high school seniors and I have say, photographing them was a blast. They were such good sports in the 90-degree + weather.

One of the great things about my team this year s that there are several groups of friends.  I love that they chose my squad as another “after-school activity.” As if they don’t have enough to do this year!  But they have been awesome and excited at the shoots and that just warms my heart.  That is one of the reasons I decided to to the senior squad.  I get to know these girls more than just meeting them for one shoot.  They make me laugh, teach me about Instagram, impress me and give me hope that there are still good, polite, smart, engaged kids out there.

One of the things I really wanted to do at the fair was take pics with cotton candy. Because who doesn’t love some cotton candy?  But did you know that it basically melts in the heat?  What started off as big cotton ball slowly turned into a mess and we would up getting two.

If you ever have the chance to go to the fair – do it! The Williamson County fair is a staple for these girls!  And because school is starting this week – good luck AND TREASURE EVER MINUTE OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR!