It’s Prom Time! Your Prom Prep List

April 8, 2019

It’s that time of year  – IT’S PROM TIME for juniors and seniors!  Go to the mall and you see all the shiny and sparkly dresses – it is such a fun season! I remember my prom fondly.  I was a child of the 80’s so my dress had the obligatory taffeta and puffy skirt.  But I remember going dress shopping with my mom for that special purchase. But before you get too excited – there are a few things you should think about when planning for prom – here is your prom prep list!


Prom can be expensive so make sure you plan ahead so that you stay on track with your finances. Here are some things you will need to put in your budget.

  • OUTFIT – Check online for deals or hit the sales.  Don’t be afraid to look at designer consignment stores to try to find a deal
  • JEWELRY/ACCESSORIES – Find those perfect earrings or clutch to match your killer outfit
  • MAKEUP – Whether you do get your makeup done professionally or just invest in some new lipstick, the cost can add up.
  • HAIR – Think about getting your hair done professionally
  • NAILS – Treat yourself to a fresh manicure and pedicure for the special night
  • TICKETS – Your date may not pay for you or you may be going with a group of friends so don’t forget to buy your tickets!
  • DINNER – Make a night of it!  Go out for a fun dinner – and don’t forget to make a reservation if you can so that you are not late to the prom
  • TRANSPORTATION – Prom is a great night to splurge on transportation in order to stay safe.  Whether it is a rideshare, cab or private car or limo, please be responsible
  • BOUTONNIERE for your date – don’t forget to order it in advance
  • PHOTOS – Whether your school has a photographer at the dance or if you hire a professional photographer for some memorable portraits – make sure you get photos of you, yours friends and your dates because you will want to have these pictures forever


  • Prom is a night you will never forget, so go with your friend’s and have a blast!  Plan where to take your pre-prom pictures (local landmark, someone’s house, city park), where to eat dinner and any events after prom


  • Talk to your date about what he/she is going to wear.  You don’t want to clash – so talk about colors and styles ahead of time.  Also make sure to coordinate ALL your plans with your date


  • YES, prom is your night, but it is also a really joyous occasion for your parents.  They get to see their little girl all grown up and dressed up, ready to participate in a milestone life event.  Go shopping with mom, let your parents take photos.  Tell them your plan for the evening.

Now back when I went to prom, there was not such a thing as a prom-posal…though I love the idea.  It’s actually such fun seeing the pics from the prom-posals on social media  I went to prom with a friend – Josh.  Josh and I are still friends and his daughters are now in high school and college. (What!?)  We weren’t dating but had a BLAST at our prom with all my close friends.  See, prom isn’t just a time for dates, but it is a great event for gal-pals to go to together and an event that you will always remember.

I hope this little list of suggestions helps you in your prep for prom!  Have a GREAT TIME!