Brooklin’s Urban Senior Photos

November 21, 2018

Brooklin is a member of my senior model team and we have worked together all year on some great pics.  But these from Brooklin’s urban photo session are amongst some of my favorites!


These were done downtown on the stadium side of the bridge.  Shooting downtown can often be a challenge but this early Sunday morning was heaven!  It wasn’t too cold (and Brooklin was wearing those shorts no matter what the weather!) and the crowds just didn’t exist.  My kind of shoot!

There were also fall leaves still on the trees which made for a gorgeous background with the beautiful light filtering in.  Brooklin changed up her look by changing her outfit and putting on some GLAM red lipstick to match her “NASH” vill shirt – which was a great way to memorialize her city in the pictures she will treasure when she is an adult.  Adding something personal to your session is something I highly suggest – whether it is by your clothing choice or adding a prop.  (If you are considering being on my 2020 Senior Model Squad, we will talk about those details before your session!).

Thank you to Brooklin and her mom, Missi, for being awesome members of my team! I have so enjoyed being part of your senior year, meeting your family and boyfriend and documenting this special time.  More to come!