Game-Day Session Madness – Haley

October 7, 2018

Happy Sunday everyone!

This blog post flashes back to….last Sunday at Haley’s senior photo shoot downtown.

We had to reschedule due to downpours of rain the weekend before and that mean navigating downtown on Titans game-day!   OMG!  We got an early morning start, but the fans were downtown already and the game-day madness had already begun..  And they weren’t Titans fans. They were EAGLES fans!  What!?  There was teal/green and white everywhere.  It is like Philadelphia descended upon Nashville.  Even the General Jackson was full of Eagles fans hitching a ride on the Cumberland River to the game.  Let’s just say that I have been to a few Titans games – not nearly as many as my husband – but even I could tell the fan influx was insane!  So, imagine trying to take serious senior photos in the cool downtown spots with an audience. Well, Haley did just that.  On the pedestrian bridge there were fans and energy and just chaos.  But this girl strutted her stuff as if she was the only one there.  The TSU Marching Band even played as they were walking to the stadium, so we had some fun tunes and percussion to wiggle to while we took pictures!  I really do think this session will go down as one of the most fun and chaotic sessions of all time – it was so fun!

I am actually lucky that I got to photograph Haley. See Haley is supposed to be a high school junior and I was hoping that she would be a Class of 2020 Senior Model on my team next year.  Well…no chance of that. She had enough credits to graduation early in 2019…so right now she is on the path to graduating a year early…right next to her sister who is on my model team!  Can you imagine?  There is no way I would have graduated early – I don’t even think that was a “thing” when I went to high school. I think it is super exciting.  Even more exciting is that she is planning on taking a gap year and travelling somewhere amazing on a mission trip.  Possibly Africa, which is such a special place to me because my safari there was life-changing!  (For those of you who don’t know, I am an animal freak!)Our downtown session was pretty fun and definitely a memorable one.   Thanks to Haley and her mom, Candi, for allowing me to photograph this special time in her life! And by the way…the Titans won in overtime!  So too all those Eagles fans….sooo sorry!