Senior Session – Brooklin

July 12, 2018

Meet Brooklin, a high school senior who also happens to be on my Senior Model Team!  Brooklin doesn’t know it, but she was actually the first one who inquired about being a Poppy & Nash senior model!  I am so fortunate that she decided to be a member of my inaugural team. Brooklin is kind, sweet, enthusiastic (of course beautiful), but just a solid person.  Her mom Missi, who has been at every photo shoot, is also just a fun ball of positivity and excitement.  It has been so fun working with this mother-daughter duo.

When I met Brooklin, she was very excited about taking photos in the sunflower fields.  But when it came summer..the field we were going to go to decided not to plant the sunflowers.  How disappointing!  Well, Brooklin and her mom found a farm for us to go to!  Yay!  We had a gorgeous day and both of us really braved all the bees to get these fantastic senior photos.

Brooklin really wanted to do an urban photo shoot for her high school senior portraits, but once we found this farm, we decided to split her session into a farm and urban session. So, consider this part 1.  Part 2 will happen this fall.  I always want the sessions to be personalized, so Brooklin brought a quilt that is very special to the family. The photos of her on the quilt are going to be a surprise to her grandfather!

At the farm, they had this beautiful creek.  I knew this would be a gorgeous spot for some portraits and Brooklin agreed!  Until I asked her to get in.  But, after braving the bees at the sunflowers, she was ready to take the plunge…well ok…get het her toes wet…in the creek and I am so glad she did!

Check back for more of Brooklin’s high school senior portrait session this fall!