Prepping for your Senior Session

July 5, 2018

Well, it is that time!  Time to prep for your senior session!  The date and location have been chosen, now there are a few things you can do to make your session as successful as possible.  I have some handy tips for you!

First, I highly recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done.  Depending on your session package, it may be included.  I know many of you are fantastic at makeup and for those of you who are – that is great.  But not everyone is and the professional makeup helps with skin tones and with editing and making you look your best!  Fake eyelashes are also a great way to enhance those eyes!  Make sure your eyebrows have been taken care of  – shaped and defined. Also, bring some extra lip gloss or lipstick…you can change your lip look during the shoot!

Many people don’t think of this, but your hands will show in many of the pictures, and some of them quite close up.  Please make sure your nails are nicely trimmed and even manicured, if possible.  Neutral colors like nudes and pinks are great and will go with every outfit and location. But if dark nails is your thing…go for it!  This is about you – I just would prefer your portraits not to have bad cuticles as a distraction.

Avoid getting a new haircut or style before the session.  You don’t want to hate the new do!  Think of quick ways to change your hair throughout the session to get different looks.  Do you want it down?  Ponytail?  Please don’t over hair spray…it is great for hair to have some movement.

Take a break from (fake) tanning a week before your session. We don’t want you orange!  And be sure to moisturize to give yourself a healthy glow!

For clothing…make sure you lay out (and iron!) all your clothing options that you will bring to the session.  You will be changing your clothing several times. This includes shoes.  I like to put my shoes and accessories in ziplocks and make sure they stay with the outfits organized on hangers so that it is easy to change and so we con’t waste time.  It is great to have variety too… maybe a dress,  a denim outfit, something more formal, your everyday casual look.  I LOVE to see the outfits ahead of time so I can start mentally planning so please TEXT ME photos of your outfits options!  Oh – and please make sure you have the proper types of undergarments for the outfits you choose.  I would rather see a bralette then just a bra strap….and be aware of panty lines.  I had to say it!

Accessories and layers make outfits look great.  I am slowly building an accessory closet (hats, flower crowns and more!), but if you have a favorite hat  or accessory- bring it!  Spend a lot of time planning at least one WOW outfit. Style, layer and accessorize to create a look that just stepped off the pages of a magazine that represent you!

Remember to bring any props you want in photos.  Some ideas include musical instruments, your sports outfit or equipment, books, favorite hats or jerseys from your favorite sports teams, etc.  The session is totally personalized!

We may be walking from spot to spot, so feel free to wear a comfy pair of shoes and put on the “pretty” shoes just for pictures.  No need to torture yourself.   And remember to bring a water bottle!

Well, I hope these tips got you thinking more about  how to prep for your senior session.  They are so fun and I can’t wait to work with you and get some amazing senior portraits!