Senior Team #REDWHITEBLUE Mini-Session

July 2, 2018


Happy Fourth of July everyone!  In honor of the holiday, we had a Senior Team #REDWHITEBLUE mini-session!  And it was fun!  Truth be told, we did these on two days to accommodate all the summer schedules of these busy seniors!

Our first shoot with Caroline, Sarah Beth and Kynley was in a neighborhood park and the sun was just glistening on all of their gorgeous hair.  The second shoot with Peyton and Brooklin was at Ellington Agricultural Center and boy did we get lucky!  As we were wrapping up the sky opened up and it poured!


I wanted to do a #REDWHITEANDBLUE mini-session because I just love the images I see with these colors and think it is important for these girls to celebrate the holiday – the birth of our great nation!  Plus…it is really just a good excuse to get them together yet again. I love that these girls, who are from different area schools, are coming together as a team.  Peyton even borrowed some rockin’ converse from Brooklin and they were just perfectly matched for their photos.

Summer is certainly in full swing for me – my vacation is behind me and now I am focused on the many senior sessions I have this summer.  One thing I love about the summer is that I live vicariously through all the friends I have on Facebook and Instagram…I LOVE seeing all the photos of everyone else’s summer vacations and travels. There is never enough time (or money – ha!) to travel everywhere I want to go and so it is so much fun to see where other people visit.  I know people who will be celebrating this Fourth of July in Israel, Japan, Bahamas, Jamaica, Italy, Slovenia and Maine.  Wow!  I will be here in Nashville, in the good ole USA,  after a memorable week in Wyoming. I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday!  How will you be celebrating?