Senior Portrait Session – Abbie Browder

May 29, 2018

These photos are from a recent Senior Portrait Session with Abbie Browder, who goes to a private school in Nashville.  I have heard from many private school parents that they are unhappy with the official school photographers. So, it was great to be able to do a session with Abbie that was a little different than the traditional photos her school takes.

We spent the afternoon taking photos in a beautiful park setting at Abbie’s request. Abbie’s styling was on point…she picked some great outfits for the session and her sister did her makeup, which was beautiful!  It was amazing to me that Abbie was so pulled together – she was so busy that day with a job interview and a dance performance – she just squeezed these into her busy day!

Abbie is going to Auburn in the fall and she will be going through recruitment when she gets there.  No double she will be picked by a wonderful sorority (dare I say Pi Beta Phi!?).  She was a poised, friendly, outgoing young woman who was a natural model!

I know that private school have their own photographers that take traditional, classic portraits of their students.  But I think these photos represent why seniors should hire photographers for their senior portraits.  We can really show off their personality and style and take them to a setting they request that fits their personalities.

Thank you to Abbie and her mom Caroline for allowing me to document this important year for Abbie!