Teen Headshots – Brooklyn

May 21, 2018

Meet Brooklyn!  Brooklyn is sixteen and is going to be in the Miss Tennessee Teen USA pageant.  She needed some headshots for the pageant and when I got the call, I was very excited. See…I really like pageant girls.  I was never one myself, neither were any of my friends.  But several years ago I had the opportunity to work with the Miss America Organization.  For two years, I worked with the girls and did media with them in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with my corporate job.  The girls were amazing!

Of course they were beautiful, but they were also smart and polished and poised and polite…. (that’s a lot of p’s!).  We had so much fun taking them for interviews (which of course they killed!) and riding in buses to a huge welcome in Las Vegas.  Oh the memories.  Any way…just saying…I like pageant girls and I knew I would like Brooklyn.  And I did.

This young girl who is a rising junior was so poised and kind and lovely (as was her mom!).  It was a joy to work with her.  I really can’t wait to see how far she goes in the pageant world.

Of course I love working with seniors, but I also love photographing the teens who aren’t quite at the end of the high school road.  They are fun and love having their photos taken. And I feel like I get to instill a little bit of confidence in them when they see their gorgeous photos. Though Brooklyn didn’t need the help…she is a poised pageant girl and I wish her the best of luck with the competition!