Rust Sisters – Spring Teen and Tween Mini-Session

March 11, 2018

One of the things I don’t have is a biological sister.  Every now and then I wish I had one.  Especially on days like this one, when I get to photograph real awesome sisters!  These are the Rust girls. We did a spring mini-session and it was such a blast!  It was so fun to see their connection when we did photos together.  And if you look at the pics closely, you will see they both have THE MOST amazing eyes!

Thought I don’t have biological sisters, I do have friends who are family which I definitely consider to be sisters.  My very best friend in life I have known since I was six months old.  Our moms were friends.  I have “sisters” from elementary school, high school and college.  Ironically all my “sisters” from college are also my sorority sisters, which is just another dimension of the sisterhood bond. These women I have grown up with and have seen me though happy times, break-ups, job changes, relocations, wins, losses, and basically every facet of my life.  I have been there for them through the good times, the loss of parents and grandparents, weddings and to celebrate their kids.  Sisterhood is beyond blood in my book.  Though I would love to have had a sister like Sydney and Shelby have each other!