Flannery Lyday Senior Portrait Session

February 27, 2018


This weekend I got to do a really special senior portrait session with Flannery Lyday. I have known Flannery (and her twin brother!) since she was about four years old.  I met her mother, Claudia when I moved to Nashville.  In fact, she became one of my first friends. Claudia and I met through the Nashville Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi. We were both Pi Phi’s in college and meeting through this organization was one of the gifts of living in Nashville.

I remember the twins coming to my door at Halloween to trick or treat.  I remember them coming to my (then) dog Ruby’s first birthday party. (Yes! I had a birthday party for my little Ruby – may she rest in peace.)  I have seen Flannery dance in her school production, though I never saw her stellar cheerleading skills! Now, Flannery is off to college!  She is heading to USC (South Carolina for all my Cali friends!) and she is going to be a rock star!

It was supposed to rain the day we did the session, so I picked a very cool nursery in Nashville that has amazing greenhouses.  Turns out, the rain never came so we got to shoot great photos inside and out. And, the flowers they had on display made me super-hungry for spring to arrive!  I had a blast taking these photos and I can’t wait to see how Flannery matures and grows when she goes away to college.  And if she wants to pledge Pi Phi…I won’t mind that either (No pressure Flannery!).