Hello world! Cindy Finke

January 2, 2018

Photo Credit: Krista Lee Photography

Hello! I am Cindy Finke and welcome to my Blog!  Yes, I did say that! Today marks a new chapter for me.  I am officially entering the portrait photography world by launching Poppy & Nash Photography and I couldn’t be more excited.  Now that my web site is up and my blog is starting…this is real!  OMG….my dreams have come true.  I have been working very hard over the last several months to build my portfolio and make this business dream a reality. I have to thank my husband for his support. When I told him I wanted to start a photography business, I think the fact that I wanted to be an entrepreneur might have come as a surprise, after all, I have worked in the corporate world for my whole career….but he knew pretty much from our first date how much I loved photography.  He has lived alongside my passion with the countless photos I have taken of our family and on our travels and he has found room in our house for all of my photo albums and photo books!  The rest of my family and friends have been so supportive too.  From posing for me when I got this crazy idea to trusting me for their family photos, they have encouraged me from day one.  They even say I “glow” when I talk about this new adventure and that just puts a smile on my face. because I am committed to making this a successful business. I want to use my talent and skills, which are constantly being challenged and improved, to make photographic memories for my clients.  Photos have always been my favorite keepsake from a trip or time of life (I mean, you should see my photo album from my Senior year in high school and my album documenting my sorority years (Go Pi Beta Phi!).  I treasure my engagement and wedding photos and love the ritual my family has of taking a yearly Fall photo which is a snapshot of our lives. This is going to be quite an adventure and I am so glad you are on this adventure with me!  Hugs, Cindy

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